Top Guild Ball Resources

Make sure you check out all of the Stuff at Steamforged Games, including Core Rules, Organized Play Document, and all of the Season 1 Core Rules:

Guild Ball Informer YouTube Channel has some useful videos:


The Guild Ball Tonight Podcast and Site has a good amount of perspective on the game:

Miniature Musings of a Bear has a good amount of Articles for Understanding all of the Guilds

Who Cares Who Wins Podcast is a UK Based Podcast covering various game topics.

Guild Ball Cards is an Easy way to access all the cards if you don’t have the iOS app or just want to use your desktop:

Guild Ball Forum Member malladin.ben reformatted the Guild Ball rulebook to A5 size and took the fluff out to make it easy to print as a quick reference.(This link connects directly to a Dropbox Download)

We’ve also made a set of sheets that can be printed at the end of the Pocket Rulebook with all of the character cards on A5 sheets with erratas and everything up to date:

Lead, Dice and Beers, he talks about wargaming (specifically Guild Ball) and beer. Pretty good eh?

Smashed Shins, a bit of a newer podcast on the scene, but still starting out with great stuff.

Have any more resources that you enjoy not listed here? Let us know!