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This is a Continuation of the Momentum & You Primer, expanding upon the coverage of the Alchemists to take a deeper look at the team. If you haven’t read the Momentum & You Primer you can read it here.

These zany scientists have a slew of bombs, inventions and scary toys they will unleash upon you. They are spearheaded by the overarching narcissist Midas, who you will generally see filled with 5+ INF every turn in hopes of him doing something quite amazing. Then whomever they fill the rest of the team with will play the part of “backup dancer” to Midas’ truly awesome feats of brilliance. Their main striker is Vitriol, Mercury and Calculus will be doing the lion’s share of the bomb slinging, Katalyst and Compound will be the resident big guys (more Compound than Katalyst nowadays due to Goalkeepery). Then little Flask will zip around like the robot from Short Circuit. We’re going to take a look a bit deeper into how these guys work and what helps them gain Momentum.


The Team Playbook

If we look at the entire team as one big massive playbook, we can use the data we get to paint a bit of a picture of what their goal is going to be across the length of the game. Using these 7 Players: Calculus, Compound, Flask, Katalyst, Mercury, Midas and Vitriol we have a total of 49 playbook entries. In that set of entries, it is broken down as:

42.9 % Momentous Playbook Entry (21) (Overall Game Average: 49.14%)

53.0% Contains at least 1 Damage (26, 8 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 46.14%)

26.5% Contains a Push (13, 12 Momentous) (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

16.3% Contains a Tackle (8, 2 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

14.3% Contains a Dodge (7, 6 Momentous)   (Overall Game Average: 16.52%)

12.2% Contains a Character Play (6, 6 Momentous)   (Overall Game Average: 13.73%)

8.2% Contains a Knockdown (4, 2 Momentous)   (Overall Game Average: 11.37%)

Alchemists have a lower instance of Momentous entries in their playbook than most other teams, but have a higher instance of Damaging Plays and plays with Pushes. They have a low amount of Knockdown Plays and average Dodge, Character Plays and Tackles. This starts to open up a vision of their strengths and weaknesses, they aren’t as prevalent as having options with what allows them to gain Momentum, but with their Momentous results generally have multiple effects (AVG 1.7 effects per Momentous result) so you are able to get more bang for your buck. They also rely far more on movement (especially Pushes) than on Knockdowns to control their opponent’s position.


Then, just out of the Momentous entries (21):

57.1% of Momentous Entries have a Push (12)  (Overall Game Average: 29.26%)

38.1% of Momentous Entries have at least 1 Damage (8)  (Overall Game Average: 31.88%)

28.6% of Momentous Entries have a Dodge (6)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

28.6% of Momentous Entries have a Character Play (6)  (Overall Game Average: 13.54%)

9.5% of Momentous Entries have a Knockdown (2)  (Overall Game Average: 9.61%)

9.5% of Momentous Entries have a Tackle (2)  (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

This section is far more important to look at in the context of just the Alchemists. It starts to paint a picture of what they should be achieving every time they make an attack. Their first line of defence is Pushes, which is one of their strongest traits with a significantly higher instances than any other guild (even Fish woah!) followed by Dodges, with a bit of Damage being chipped in. When we take into context how their guild works it makes sense, as they want to be able to corral in enemies as best as possible to place AOE effects on their opponents. Then they want to wear their opponent down slowly through small chips of damage. They also have a high instance of Character Plays, which when coupled with players like Midas and their reliance on using damaging and buffing Character Plays to effect the game the most.


Out of Damage Entries (26):

38.5 % are Damage 1 (10, 3 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 35.81%)

38.5 % are Damage 2 (10, 3 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 34.88%)

23% are Damage 3 (6, 2 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 24.19%)

0% are Damage 4 (0, 0 Momentous)   (Overall Game Average: 5.12%)

No Damage 4 in any form, and each amount of Damage is Momentous about one third of the time. They have a slightly higher average of 2 DMG plays than most other teams.


Momentous Plays (21) occur:

9.5% with 1 Playbook Success (2)  (Overall Game Average: 18.34%)

33.3% with 2 Playbook Successes (7)  (Overall Game Average: 26.64%)

28.6% with 3 Playbook Successes (6)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

9.5% with 4 Playbook Successes (2)   (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

14.3% with 5 Playbook Successes (3)  (Overall Game Average: 11.79%)

4.8% with 6 Playbook Successes (1)  (Overall Game Average: 5.24%)

Within 3 Successes you are covering over 70% of the total Momentous Plays for the entire guild. Highest instance of Momentous results are on 2 Successes, just about halfway through the average Alchemist Playbook. They have a lower than average instance of Momentous Plays on 1 Success and 4 Successes, but they make it up with their level of Successes on 2, 3 and 5.


Average Playbook Length= 4.6  (Overall Game Average: 4.82)

Average Base TAC Value=4.6  (Overall Game Average: 4.72)

As you can see, the Average playbook in Alchemists is just over 4 results long, but is right there with the base TAC value in the guild.. With a slightly over 4 TAC value, it almost guarantees that charges will get most characters in the guild a wraparound. Their Playbook Length and TAC are average.


Momentous Character Plays

Midas – Legendary Play – Pseudoepigraphy – This model may spend up to [3] Influence. For each Influence spent this way gain [1] MP (Momentum Point). Allows Midas to spend Influence as normal and gain up to 3 Momentum immediately after spending that Influence. Very useful for early turn Goal Scoring.



Obviously as we see this evolve as we look at more guilds we will be able to even more clearly paint the picture of the Alchemist Guild, but for now you can slowly digest these numbers and start formulating ways to punish your opponents with these facts, whether you are a fellow Alchemy fanatic or you want to punish all those dweeby chemists. Totally your call…dude. But be prepared for an onslaught of conditions coming from these guys, and fast and vicious goal scoring that will come from places that you literally just can’t imagine. Then you have Midas stealing your best play and doing it for himself. Terrifying. Beat these guys by including anti-condition models (Hemlocke is a boon) and just outlasting them in skirmishes. Most Guilds will be able to stand up to punishment against them pretty well and will fail against their goal game, but if you can take that away from them then you may just very well become the victor.

Thanks for checking out the first Momentum and You guild spotlight, hope you enjoyed this slightly number heavy insight into the Alchemists guild. If you have any feedback comment here on the post or send me a line on twitter @seanzorr.


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