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This is a Continuation of the Momentum & You Primer, expanding upon the coverage of the Brewers to take a deeper look at the team. If you haven’t read the Momentum & You Primer you can read it here.

The raucous band of Dionysian soccer hooligans are ready to brawl with you in the middle of the field, matching punch for punch and betting that they’ll be the ones coming out ahead. They are rife with Tough Skinned brawlers who make it difficult to kill one of them if you don’t commit enough resources to doing it. Led by their main man Tapper, a man who’s so comfortable rushing headlong into a fight he keeps his pipe lit through the fray. No doubt you’ll see his hooked brewers staff being swung directly at your face. Then you’ve got his backup brawlers Spigot and Hooper picking up the pieces in the fray and fire enthusiast Stoker putting the hurt in with an engulfing inferno. Stave is right there in the pack with a pucker-inducing explosive beer barrel ready to knock some fools down and get everyone out of position. Sneaking around the outside is their girl Friday ready to snag a stray ball and head straight to the goal (after snagging a quick beer of course), and wee Scum sneaking around causing issues wherever he may. We’re going to take a look a bit deeper into their gameplan.


The Team Playbook

If we look at the entire team as one big massive playbook, we can use the data we get to paint a bit of a picture of what their goal is going to be across the length of the game. Using these 8 Players: Tapper, Scum, Friday, Hooper, Spigot, Stave, Stoker and Mash we have a total of 55 playbook entries. In that set of entries, it is broken down as:

50.91 % Momentous Playbook Entry (28) (Overall Game Average: 49.14%)

41.82% Contains at least 1 Damage (23, 8 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 46.14%)

21.82% Contains a Push (12,11 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

16.36% Contains a Tackle (9, 3 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

1.82% Contains a Dodge (1,0 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.52%)

10.91% Contains a Character Play (6, 0 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 13.73%)

12.73% Contains a Knockdown (7, 7 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 11.37%)

Overall, Brewers are pretty average in Momentous Plays, Damage Plays, Character Plays, Knockdowns and Tackles. They have a higher than average amount of Pushes, but the amount of Dodges they have is signficantly low, like really low, like they didn’t have a single one until we got the rules for Mash. Also note that many Momentous results for Brewers are a single effect (AVG 1.04 effects per Momentous result), meaning that there will be a lot of forced choices between manipulating your opponent’s position vs. gaining a character play vs. being able to do damage. You’ll find later that they use a different set of tactics to fix that problem.



Then, just out of the Momentous entries (28):

39.29% of Momentous Entries have a Push (11)  (Overall Game Average: 29.26%)

28.57% of Momentous Entries have at least 1 Damage (8)  (Overall Game Average: 31.88%)

0% of Momentous Entries have a Dodge (0)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

0% of Momentous Entries have a Character Play (0)  (Overall Game Average: 13.54%)

25.00% of Momentous Entries have a Knockdown (7)  (Overall Game Average: 9.61%)

10.71% of Momentous Entries have a Tackle (3)  (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

This section gives us a better idea of the plans the Brewers have heading into battle: Push their opponents around, Knock them down and start laying in the Damage. Brewers have average Momentous Damage, average Momentous Push (but their only consistent movement ability), and average Tackles. It is important to remember that their Captain Tapper and their primary Bruiser Hooper both have 2″ reach so Pushes will be something to that can be utilized well with positioning early in the turn so that you can start layering in the Crowding Out bonuses to push TAC higher and into more instances of wraparounds. Also note that the Dodges are really not there so you to use those Pushes you have to position yourself to make the best out of them. The prevalence of Knockdowns isn’t just great for counter-attacking and Parting Blows, but also a great synergy ability within their own team with abilities such as Floored (Spigot, +2 TAC against KD models) and Shove the Boot In (Hooper, +1 DMG against KD models) that do a number against Knocked Down models. Also worthwhile to note that they also have no Momentous Character plays but they generally have strong Character Plays so it will force some early choices if you want to get those Character plays active.


Out of Damage Entries (23):

39.13 % are Damage 1 (9, 0 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 35.81%)

39.13 % are Damage 2 (9, 3 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 34.88%)

21.74% are Damage 3 (5, 5 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 24.19%)

0% are Damage 4 (0, 0 Momentous)   (Overall Game Average: 5.12%)

Brewers have a decently high amount of 1 and 2 DMG but most the time they are just getting those in after a Wraparound. Really they want 3 DMG as much as possible, all of them are on 4 or 5 Successes, but when they get them the Momentum gods smile down and get the ball rolling.  100% of the time 3 DMG (in the Brewers) grants Momentum every time.


Momentous Plays (28) occur:

21.43% with 1 Playbook Success (6)  (Overall Game Average: 18.34%)

25.00% with 2 Playbook Successes (7)  (Overall Game Average: 26.64%)

21.43% with 3 Playbook Successes (6)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

21.43% with 4 Playbook Successes (6)   (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

10.71% with 5 Playbook Successes (3)  (Overall Game Average: 11.79%)

0% with 6 Playbook Successes (0)  (Overall Game Average: 5.24%)

The Brewer playbook for Momentum is pretty consistent across the first 4 columns throughout most of the players, which makes their amount of Momentous Plays on 4 Successes significantly higher than most other guilds. Then after 5 they totally drop off cause well…they don’t have any Playbook Results after 5.


Average Playbook Length= 4.13 (Overall Game Average: 4.82)

Average Base TAC Value= 5 (Overall Game Average: 4.72)

This is, across the entirety of the Brewers, what makes them unique and different. They have the ability to Wraparound on standard unbuffed attacks. Every player in the faction (except Hooper without True Grit) has a base TAC value that is greater than the length of their Playbook. When they Charge watch out for the double and triple Wraparounds because they can…and do…happen!


Momentous Character Plays

None of the Brewers have a play that directly effects Momentum gain/loss, but every Guild Player except Scum has a Heroic Play. Momentum ahoy!!



The Brewers are big, they will beat you up and the will Knock you down and push you around. They have a good amount of 2″ melee so they can get the upper hand against a lot of abilities that are prerequisite on entering a 1″ melee or just staying away from Counter-Attacks and Parting Blows. They have a generally low MOV stat across the board so make sure you utilize whatever mobility you have before you get Knocked Down and Pushed around then smashed into the dirt. Watch out for falling Barrels!


Thanks for checking out the continuing series Momentum and You with these guild spotlights. Hope you enjoyed this slightly number heavy insight into the Brewers faction. If you have any feedback comment here on the post or send me a line on twitter @seanzorr.

-Sean ‘seanzorr’ Benson


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