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This is a Continuation of the Momentum & You Primer, expanding upon the coverage of the Engineers to take a deeper look at the team. If you haven’t read the Momentum & You Primer you can read it here.

The clockwork mechanations and gadgets wielded by the Engineers are sure to instill grave concern in all that step onto the field across from them. Their traps, bows, mechanica and various other tricks will cause you a headache and just as soon as you get in close enough they’ll find a way to duck back out of combat as you attempt to regain composure after being pelted with another flurry of crossbow bolts to the face. They are an anomaly when it comes to Momentum, at least in the current set of releases, as their captain Ballista has an ability called Momentous Inspiration that allows friendly models to gain Momentum when hitting with Character Plays, something that the Engineers Guild is filled with. Ballista, Ratchet and Salvo are going to be the primary ranged damage dealers, with 6-10″ Ranged Character plays with Knockdowns, Pushes and Damage paired up with Momentum gain from Momentous Inspiration. Colossus is the resident big guy with a strong capability to take the ball and keep it or send it over to one of his teammates and now we’ve got Compound, the resident big guy who can stand in front of the goal and make it quite the pain to actually score goals. Then you’ve got the souped up Mechanica Striker Velocity who can send it in from downtown and wee Mainspring with a decent ability to get the ball to the goal, but also can cause some damage (especially when paired with Ratchet).


The Team Playbook

If we look at the entire team as one big massive playbook, we can use the data we get to paint a bit of a picture of what their goal is going to be across the length of the game. Using these 7 Players: Ballista, Mainspring,Colossus, Ratchet, Salvo, Velocity and Compound  we have a total of 48playbook entries. In that set of entries, it is broken down as:

52.08 % Momentous Playbook Entry (25) (Overall Game Average: 49.14%)

37.50% Contains at least 1 Damage (18, 2 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 46.14%)

25.00% Contains a Push (12, 12 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

22.92% Contains a Tackle (11, 10 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

20.83% Contains a Dodge (10, 5 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.52%)

2.08% Contains a Character Play (1, 0 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 13.73%)

16.67% Contains a Knockdown (8, 5 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 11.37%)

So looking overall we significantly low amounts of Playbook results that are Damage Plays and Character Plays, average Momentous Plays and Dodge Plays, high Push Play and skyrocketing with their Knockdown and Tackle plays. Make no mistake that Engineers are a Denial team, with a unique set of skills that allow them to really starve out the opposition by stealing the ball and Knocking them all down. Their non-playbook Character Plays start that from range and then when they get into combat it continues with their Playbook Results. They also have a decent amount of repositioning that they can use to get out of combat and start getting back to the range game where they currently do not have an equal. It does force the Engineers into being a bit more reactive as they can’t turn on the aggression when the the battle meets face to face.


Then, just out of the Momentous entries (25):

60.00% of Momentous Entries have a Push (12)  (Overall Game Average: 29.26%)

10.00% of Momentous Entries have at least 1 Damage (2)  (Overall Game Average: 31.88%)

25.00% of Momentous Entries have a Dodge (5)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

0% of Momentous Entries have a Character Play (0)  (Overall Game Average: 13.54%)

25.00% of Momentous Entries have a Knockdown (5)  (Overall Game Average: 9.61%)

50.00% of Momentous Entries have a Tackle (10)  (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

Furthering the previous section, we really see their place on the field defined as a reposition and control-oriented playbook filled with Tackles and Knockdowns. They are low on Momentous Damage and because of the outright value of their Character Plays none of them show up Momentous on their Playbooks. They have average Momentous Dodges, but then very high amounts of Pushes, Knockdowns and Tackles. A good Engineer Player will rarely if ever be in the midst of an all-out fight with you head to head, their strength is about keeping the distance and you can see how much they have to rely on that noticing how little options they have when it comes to Playbook damage results gaining Momentum.  When it comes to choices, most of the time Momentous Entries are going to be mostly single choice, but there is a decent amount of multi-effect Momentous entries with a 1.36 result per Momentous Entry average.


Out of Damage Entries (18):

50.00 % are Damage 1 (9, 1 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 35.81%)

33.33 % are Damage 2 (6, 1 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 34.88%)

16.67% are Damage 3 (3, 0  Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 24.19%)

Engineers just can’t use their playbooks to do reliable strong damage. If anything, it will be used to finish off the guys who had to Sprint into combat to stop the Engineers from shooting them in the face with Crossbows. But yeah, there’s really slim pickings for Momentous Options there. High percentage of 1 Damage, average percentage of 2 Damage and below average on 3 and 4 Damage.


Momentous Plays (25) occur:

12.00 % with 1 Playbook Success (3)  (Overall Game Average: 18.34%)

28.00 % with 2 Playbook Successes (7)  (Overall Game Average: 26.64%)

28.00 % with 3 Playbook Successes (7)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

16.00% with 4 Playbook Successes (4)   (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

16.00 % with 5 Playbook Successes (4)  (Overall Game Average: 11.79%)

The Engineer playbook is pretty well under the idea that most of the time it will be a single swing that they will be trying to go for rather than big long success chains, with a peak at 2 and 3 successes and tapering down and the playbook completely ends at 6 with only Ballista having a TAC to get to that point. Overall their playbook curves pretty average. Slightly high on 5 Successes then Slightly Low on 6 Successes.


Average Playbook Length= 4.29 (Overall Game Average: 4.82)

Average Base TAC Value= 4.29 (Overall Game Average: 4.72)

Lowest overall playbook length for a team with a 1:1 ratio of TAC to Playbook Length. Once again their Playbooks are more of a means to a different end rather than the focus of their game.


Momentous Character Plays

Momentous Inspiration on Ballista allows all friendly models within 4″ of Ballista to gain a Momentum when they hit with a Character Play. Engineers have a lot of ranged Character Plays, so expect to see that do plenty of work for the team to gain Momentum in the early game even if they don’t have ball possession.



Engineers are an interesting Guild to ponder because their playstyle is just so different than anything else. The Guilds that can close well will be able to deal with the Engineers better than the ones who want to keep their distance. If they get into an advantageous position they can blast away at weak characters and take them off the board before they get to make an impact. On the other hand if they get pushed on too hard they can get rushed and it will be hard for the Engineers to regain the field against a team like the Fishermen or the Brewers that can keep them tied into combat with 2″ melee models. They have super strong ball control ability, so they can use that to their advantage to help get out of tough spots with quick passes and Give’n’Go utilization to move up the field. They do lack some outright movement speed so going to get the ball is not incredibly easy unless you send off a fully buffed Velocity to go get the ball. Their playstyle has the ability to be very proactive early in the game then continue to adapt to the changing game state. What they truly lack is consistent strong damage. When they do get tied into combat, they can’t seal the deal, especially against Tough Hide players. If you’re playing Engineers, keep your distance and you can keep the game alive, if you’re playing against them, do your best to make it difficult for them to score easy Character Plays that hinder your team and gain the Engineers Momentum. It’s an interesting matchup and hard to really get a full handle on what to expect until you see it play out. Be ever mindful of the AoE Character plays as well. Make good use of pre-measuring.


Thanks for checking out the continuing series Momentum and You with these guild spotlights. Hope you enjoyed this slightly number heavy insight into the Engineers guild, if  you have any feedback comment here on the post or send me a line on twitter @seanzorr.


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