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This is a Continuation of the Momentum & You Primer, expanding upon the coverage of the Fishermen to take a deeper look at the team. If you haven’t read the Momentum & You Primer you can read it here.

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge, that might as well be the words inscribed beneath the Fishermen banner. Their game is all about careful manoeuvring, placement and positioning that then leads them to head straight to the goal with the ball and leave everyone else behind. It’s really not that unlikely for ‘the Fish’ to get 2 Goals in a single turn in ideal circumstances, which is scary considering you only need a third to win. Backing up that strong goal presence is a set of Character and Heroic Plays that debuff and displace their opponents, causing them to fall short on their plans while the Fish are powering through to victory. Don’t expect to see them grind out kills, but they will take their opportunities pushing victims into the crowd. One thing they do have on their side is a prolific amount of 2″ melee reach on 75% of their current faction models (Shark, Greyscales, Jac, Kraken, Sakana and Siren all have 2″ melee). Their main man Shark can score like the best of them, while also being a strong debuffing piece for the Guild, then you have Angel, Greyscales, Sakana and Siren all playing definitive secondary Striker / utility roles. Kraken and Jac are big pushy guys who help displace opponents and ruin plans. Salt runs around like a goober, tries to not give up any VP and sometimes either gets a clutch pass in or a goal (mostly runs around like a goober being DEF 5+).

The Team Playbook

If we look at the entire team as one big massive playbook, we can use the data we get to paint a bit of a picture of what their goal is going to be across the length of the game. Using these 8 Players: Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Jac, Kraken, Sakana and Siren  we have a total of 58 playbook entries. In that set of entries, it is broken down as:

44.83 % Momentous Playbook Entry (26) (Overall Game Average: 49.14%)

34.48% Contains at least 1 Damage (20, 1 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 46.14%)

12.07% Contains a Push (7, 6 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

15.52% Contains a Tackle (9, 2 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

25.86% Contains a Dodge (15, 11 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.52%)

18.97% Contains a Character Play (11, 10 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 13.73%)

8.62% Contains a Knockdown (5, 2 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 11.37%)

Right off the bat the things that stand out the most are that the Fishermen have lower than average Momentous Plays, Damage Plays, Knockdowns and Pushes. They have a hard time doing damage even if they want to, and have to spend a bit more time focusing on how they want to gain Momentum to score those goals. They lack the Pushes and Knockdowns across the faction because they are contained primarily on two models: Kraken and Jac. On the other hand, the Fish have higher than average Dodges and Character Play results, and with the set of Character Plays the Fish have at their hands, that is a big deal especially based on the fact that most of them are Momentous. They have an average amount of Tackle plays.


Then, just out of the Momentous entries (26):

23.08% of Momentous Entries have a Push (6)  (Overall Game Average: 29.26%)

3.85% of Momentous Entries have at least 1 Damage (1)  (Overall Game Average: 31.88%)

42.31% of Momentous Entries have a Dodge (11)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

38.46% of Momentous Entries have a Character Play (10)  (Overall Game Average: 13.54%)

7.69% of Momentous Entries have a Knockdown (2)  (Overall Game Average: 9.61%)

7.69% of Momentous Entries have a Tackle (2)  (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

Now that we digging further into the playbooks, we’re seeing and even more specific picture of the game plan of the Fish, They don’t show up to do Damage, their number 1 priority is manipulation of the pitch as well as possible, positioning and repositioning to gain advantage to score the next goal. They, to really drive the point home, have below average Momentous Damage, but they have very high Momentous Push and Character Plays, and above average Momentous Dodges. Average Knockdowns and Tackles. They are the most outright focused on the Football part of the game out of all the Guilds, and the lack of a high level of Momentous Tackles just keeps things from getting too out of hand with their ability to charge in and score. They have a semi-low amount of effects per Momentous result (1.23) so there will definitely be choices that must be made when it comes to gaining Momentum and how.


Out of Damage Entries (18):

45.00 % are Damage 1 (9, 1 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 35.81%)

40.00% are Damage 2 (8, 0 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 34.88%)

15.00% are Damage 3 (3, 0  Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 24.19%)

If Fish start doing damage, they definitely aren’t doing it to make their fans go wild. More than likely they are just trying to punch somebody up cause there were inappropriate remarks about someone’s mother or ‘that fishy smell’. There’s just not damage here for the grind. Look elsewhere


Momentous Plays (25) occur:

26.92 % with 1 Playbook Success (7)  (Overall Game Average: 18.34%)

15.38 % with 2 Playbook Successes (4)  (Overall Game Average: 26.64%)

19.23 % with 3 Playbook Successes (5)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

19.23% with 4 Playbook Successes (5)   (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

15.38 % with 5 Playbook Successes (4)  (Overall Game Average: 11.79%)

3.85 % with 6 Playbook Successes (1)  (Overall Game Average: 11.79%)

The FIshermen Playbook is set and ready to maximize wraparound Momentum efficiency and gain Momentum regardless of how poorly dice may go, since it is frontloaded at 1 Success then remains averagely populated up through 5 successes with a drop at 6 due to the fact there is only one TAC 6 model in the faction (Shark).


Average Playbook Length= 4.38 (Overall Game Average: 4.82)

Average Base TAC Value= 4.38 (Overall Game Average: 4.72)

Relatively short playbook overall, but sitting at a 1:1 ratio, so no better or worse for wrapping around than other 1:1 factions, but the short length means that charges have great potential to hit 2nd wraparound states in the best of conditions.


Momentous Character Plays

Siren with the ability Seduced can create a Friendly model out an opponent’s model to make a Pass or Attack action. Any standard Momentum Gain that would happen during these actions are gained for the Fish team.



Fishermen are just outright Football…Aggression. Steal the ball, dodge away, score a goal, rinse, repeat, do it 3 times, win. They have other tricks that they use when people try to deny the Football game whether it just be slowing the entire other team to a crawl or pushing all their dudes off the sidelines into the vicious crowd, but at the end of the day the Fish will be happiest to find that direct route to scoring again. Then it turns into additional Influence to make the following turns even more productive for them. Their speed and dodging makes them hard to pin down even when the tables are turning against them, so make sure to find a way to either slow them down or keep up with them otherwise you’ll see the game slip away right before your eyes. For a little bit more about the Fishermen, be sure to check out our section on the site here about the Guild, and for a special look at Sakana (the only guy with a Momentous Damage) check out Shano’s Article Sakana, The Reel Deal.

Thanks for checking out the continuing series Momentum and You with these guild spotlights. Hope you enjoyed this slightly number heavy insight into the Fisherman guild, if  you have any feedback comment here on the post or send me a line on twitter @seanzorr.



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