Momentum & You: Union


This is a Continuation of the Momentum & You Primer, expanding upon the coverage of the Union to take a deeper look at the team. If you haven’t read the Momentum & You Primer you can read it here.

The Unions, the loosely associated Guild of sellswords, pirates and fighters from around the Empire of Free Cities. Depending on the Union member, they are loosely associated with various different guilds and beyond all working together in one team, they can also be taken by other guilds to fill in various positions. That’s definitely a deep topic, so for now we’ll stick to talking about them as a singular team. In a guild exclusive team, the Union currently have the deepest roster and a lot of variation on how they can build whether they focus strong on scoring goals or murdering fools. As the original captain, Blackheart definitely lends himself to helping both sides, with a strong Legendary play for strikers like Mist and Snakeskin to position to attack the goal and Commanding Aura to really turn the damage up to 11. Decimate, Gutter, Harry the Hat, Minx and Rage are all beaters with their own unique twists, from Decimate’s support damage, Gutter’s threat extension, Harry’s support damage and aura, Minx’s debuffing all the way to Rage’s pure output. Fangtooth and Avarisse are the resident big guys who can take a beating then dish it right back out, with Fangtooth’s strong board presence and Avarisse having the unique ability to throw Greede onto the table to give the team an additional activation, Then we’ve got the mascot Coin who just literally prints money every turn in free Influence and Bonus Time and Hemlocke who has a unique set of skills that allows her to remove lots of conditions.

The Team Playbook

If we look at the entire team as one big massive playbook, we can use the data we get to paint a bit of a picture of what their goal is going to be across the length of the game. Using these 11 Players: Blackheart, Coin, Avarisse, Greede, Decimate, Fangtooth, Gutter, Harry the Hat, Hemlocke, Minx and Mist we have a total of 78 playbook entries. In that set of entries, it is broken down as:

53.85% Momentous Playbook Entry (42) (Overall Game Average: 49.14%)

48.72% Contains at least 1 Damage (38, 17 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 46.14%)

8.97% Contains a Push (7, 6 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

16.67% Contains a Tackle (13, 4 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.09%)

19.23% Contains a Dodge (15, 13 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 16.52%)

16.67% Contains a Character Play (13, 11 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 13.73%)

10.26% Contains a Knockdown (8, 3 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 11.37%)

Union overall sees a pretty average general Playbook, with only Momentous Plays and Dodges showing up more than average and Pushes being below average. The Guild is so filled with very specialty characters that almost every aspect is covered, don’t expect to see all of these things on a single character but if there is something that you’re looking for then there is probably something that fills that niche.


Then, just out of the Momentous entries (42):

14.29% of Momentous Entries have a Push (6)  (Overall Game Average: 29.26%)

40.48% of Momentous Entries have at least 1 Damage (17)  (Overall Game Average: 31.88%)

30.95% of Momentous Entries have a Dodge (13)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

40.48% of Momentous Entries have a Character Play (11)  (Overall Game Average: 13.54%)

7.14% of Momentous Entries have a Knockdown (3)  (Overall Game Average: 9.61%)

9.52% of Momentous Entries have a Tackle (4)  (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

The Union, due to their wide variety of models that all contain specific entries mean that inevitably when grouped together come up to be very average. The only type of Momentous entry where they show up significantly outside the norm is Momentous Character Plays, which they have in spades. This furthers the idea that each model in this faction is pretty well suited to fulfilling a purpose and gain Momentum by playing that part with their Character Plays.


Out of Damage Entries (38):

31.58% are Damage 1 (12, 3 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 35.81%)

31.58% are Damage 2 (12, 7 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 34.88%)

31.58% are Damage 3 (12, 7 Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 24.19%)

5.26% are Damage 4 (2, 0  Momentous)  (Overall Game Average: 5.12%)

Average Damage 1, Damage 2 and Damage 4 results across the board and significantly more Damage 3 results in the Union Playbook. When these boys do connect with a solid damage player they want to hit hard and be rewarded for doing so.


Momentous Plays (26) occur:

16.67% with 1 Playbook Success (7)  (Overall Game Average: 18.34%)

16.67% with 2 Playbook Successes (7)  (Overall Game Average: 26.64%)

19.05% with 3 Playbook Successes (8)  (Overall Game Average: 21.4%)

16.67 % with 4 Playbook Successes (7)   (Overall Game Average: 15.72%)

16.67% with 5 Playbook Successes (7)   (Overall Game Average: 11.79%)

9.52% with 6 Playbook Successes (4)   (Overall Game Average: 5.24%)

2.38% with 7 Playbook Successes (1)   (Overall Game Average: 0.86%)

2.38% with 8 Playbook Successes (1)   (Overall Game Average: 0.43%)

Overall the Union Playbook feels relatively average, but loses some efficacy in the early sections to extend the length of the Playbook all the way to 8 spots. There is a slightly lower percentage at 2 successes, and higher than average amounts at 5, 6 and 8 successes. Multiple models in this faction also have the Crazy special rule so this pushes the Playbook even higher. The importance of some of those high Momentous result spots means that spending Momentum to Bonus time and stacking what small amount of buffs are available can be the difference between amazing and lacklustre results when it comes time to throw down.


Average Playbook Length= 5.09 (Overall Game Average: 4.82)

Average Base TAC Value= 4.64 (5.18 with Crazy) (Overall Game Average: 4.72)

Relatively long Playbooks across the faction, with matching or better TAC values when Crazy is taken into consideration. Definitely worth doing what you can to push this even higher with the strength of the later playbook in the Union team.


Momentous Character Plays

Harry the Hat Hallahan – Character Trait – Rising Anger: First time this model is damaged by an enemy model each turn, the friendly team gains 2 MP. That’s 2 free MP every turn this dude takes a punch. $$ in the bank,


Looking at the Union it’s easy to view them as a very average guild from a holistic perspective, but when you start to take each piece one by one they all have very specific roles and specialties. They have the capability to be a very strong beater team with a few extra tricks available to them so they can make strong attacks on goal, and while they don’t have heaps of synergy from one piece to another they still have enough to make it count. Commanding Aura, Tooled Up, Singled Out, Inspiring Hat and Bag of Coffers all help to pull this rag-tag group of pirates, thieves and fighters together to work towards beating you into a pulp. Then while you’re distracted by that fight, Mist easily has the capability to make a shot on goal from 22″ away. In their own right they are a guild of flexibility and versatility, and when the Union models are slotted into other guilds it opens up new avenues of versatility either by covering weaknesses or excelling on strengths.


Thanks for checking out the continuing series Momentum and You with these guild spotlights. Hope you enjoyed this slightly number heavy insight into the Union guild, if  you have any feedback comment here on the post or send me a line on twitter @seanzorr.