Help! I’m new to Guild Ball

I Need Help Picking a Faction

If you need a run down on what sort of things you expect each faction to be doing, you can check out the Faction Breakdown by the numbers that Steamforged Games put together and we made into a few graphs:
Using Numbers to Help Pick a Faction

If you need to take it to the next level of Faction Understanding, check out Momentum & You: A Primer. This article outlines the creation and use of the Momentum resource in Guild Ball and has an explanation of each factions general tactics:
Momentum & You: A Primer

In that article you will also find a link to a deeper writeup and analysis of each Guilds playbooks.

Where Do I Buy It (in Australia)?

Your primary online options are:

Zombie Forge Games | An Online Store based out of West Australia who is great at supporting tournaments around the country and quick shipping times even from the other side of the country.

Nerdvana Games | An Online Store based out of South Australia who has also been super supportive of the community and carries a lot of interesting made products from Jackal Designs.

Irresistible Force | Online & Brick/Mortar Store based out of Queensland, they are the Australian distributors of the game and will be the host of the Big Blue Guild Ball Nationals tournament.

I Need Help Learning More about a Faction

If you’re looking at short writeups of what every model does, Mini Musings of a Bear has overviews of each model one by one here.

While we don’t cover each model one by one, we generally look at strategy in more holistic articles covering team choice, playstyle and some utility players.

Read more about Alchemists

Read more about Brewers

Read more about Butchers

Read more about Engineers

Read more about Fishermen

Read more about Masons

Read more about Morticians

Read more about Union

I Need to Watch Videos & See Some Games

Abbatoir Away Days has Butchers vs Various Guilds. Watch them here!

Armada Games has various games from their local league. Watch them here!

GBHL has various Overview Videos of Guilds and some Match Reports. Watch them here!

I Need Some Podcasts or Other Resources

Check out the rest of the resources on this page.